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5th cygnet story

5th Cygnet is is my creative journey growing from a passionate ideal of sustainable fashion and the future of an ethical, eco-friendly industry.


My garments are original and exquisite using only sustainable natural fabrics to keep micro-plastic fibres out of our beautiful oceans..

After working in the industry around the world and as a fashion educator for the past 15 years I believe that our future must be one of circularity and sustainable use of resources - Slow fashion &  Repurposing clothing.


Each garment is individually hand made in my beachside studio in  Australia,  one-off garments made in a variety of beautiful silk plus vintage and remnant fabric & Up-cycled originals.

After the past two years of cancer treatment my latest exciting venture  is inspired by my love of nature and the desire to explore creative botanical dyeing techniques - each beautiful silk scarf is completely unique and individually numbered.. using only natural leaves and flowers from my garden... enjoy 



     Eco – Bespoke Design

  •          Sustainability is my key guiding factor

  • Using only natural fibres and sustainable silk fabric plus botanical dyeing with flowers and plants from my garden.

  • Hand made locally and ethically in Elwood Melbourne using exquisite craftsmanship

  • Circular production recycling Silk fabric off cuts into designs, using vintage fabric and repurposing vintage clothes

  • Low carbon footprint & slow fashion one-off garments

  • Non-plastic biodegradable and fully compostable packaging

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