5th cygnet story

5th Cygnet is a small design company passionate about sustainable fashion and the future of an ethical, eco-friendly industry.


Our garments are original and exquisite using only sustainable natural fabrics to keep micro-plastic fibres out of our beautiful oceans..


Each garment is individually hand made in our beachside studio in Elwood Australia, to ensure exclusivity and reduction of waste in accordance with sustainable fashion standards, our small innovative range consists of elegant styles and one-off garments made in a variety of beautiful silk plus vintage and remnant fabric.

The ingenuity of this creative design concept allows a vast range of combinations and one of a kind pieces thus ensuring individuality and distinction from other labels.


The nature of this eco-friendly approach to circular fashion production means that we can achieve zero-waste, keep fabrics and garments out of landfill while promoting the delights and advantages of Vintage style and repurposing of fashion.


Eco – Bespoke Design

  •   Sustainability is our key guiding factor

  • Using only natural fibres and sustainable silk fabric

  • Hand made locally in Elwood Melbourne using exquisite craftsmanship with ethical work conditions

  • Circular production recycling Silk fabric off cuts into designs, using vintage fabric and repurposing vintage clothes

  • Low carbon footprint and small production runs reducing waste generated

  • Low environmental impact of garment care

  • Non-plastic biodegradable and fully compostable packaging